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Regarding illustration production ( * Please read when requesting * )
  1. Please contact us by email with an outline of your request.(*Required item)
    ・Company name/person in charge/contact information*
    ・Purpose of use (number of points/size/number of colors/name of medium used/duration/range of use)*
    Desired illustration touch*
    Cost (*Please let us know in advance if your budget permits.)*
    ・Others (image size and delivery image file format), etc.

2.About production costs                                

Basically, we will consult after asking about your budget.

We do not accept purchases.

(We do not accept any requests for the purpose of copyright transfer.)

3.Job Confirmation Request                                  

In order to prevent misunderstandings and blunders, we will follow the ``work confirmation” is requested.



 In order to prevent accidents, we ask for details by e-mail.

If you need to meet with us, we will come to your designated location.


5. After confirming the image rough by e-mail, please let us know if there are any corrections.
We usually ask for revisions up to 2-3 times at the rough stage.

In the case of corrections/additions that differ from the requested content, a "correction fee" may be added.


In addition, regardless of rough and final production,Even if corrections occur many times, it is due to our mistakes.

Please note that if there is no.

In that case, we will notify you in advance and ask for your approval before proceeding.


6. Finishing (coloring)

  In the case of corrections or additions after delivery confirmation, it will be treated as "new illustration fee"

I will add it.

7. Final delivery
We will respond to the desired format that we have asked in advance.

We will deliver by e-mail attachment or online upload.


8. Sending invoices
We will issue an invoice after the final delivery.

Please make the payment to the designated account by the end of the following month or the month specified by your company.

 *Please contact us in advance if your company has a payment month.

In addition, we kindly ask you to bear the transfer fee.

 We would appreciate it if you could send us a sample of the finished product.We will keep it in a safe place to check the usage status and use it for future production.

  • When making a request, it is assumed that you have understood and confirmed this.
  • Copyright belongs to the illustrator. Please be sure to let us know when you make a special contract.
  • Publication of results is a prerequisite. If it is not possible, please contact us in advance.
  • A separate usage fee will be charged for secondary use, diversion, and reprinting to other media that are not specified in writing.
  • Charges will be incurred even if use is postponed after delivery. Even if you cancel in the middle of production, you will be charged according to the progress.
  • It cannot be resold, transferred, loaned, or altered without permission from the illustrator.
  • Please clearly indicate the production "Takako" in the publication.
*We try to reply within 3 days, but if there is no replysorry to trouble yourum-ice@cafe.nifty.jpPlease contact
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